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23 Oct

National Bullying Prevention Month: What can you do?

Instructional Strategies

Every October, anti-bullying organizations ramp up efforts to counter the negative effects of bullying across grade levels and ages. Initiatives span from STOMP Out Bullying’s “Blue Shirt Day” to simply encouraging students to reach out to peers who may be left out or isolated at school. PACER—the founding organization of NBPM—notes that bullying “was historically viewed “a childhood rite of passage” and [it was] believed that bullying “made kids tougher”, when the reality is that bullying has devastating effects such as school avoidance, loss of self-esteem, increased anxiety, and depression.” Other findings include information on how bullying negatively affects not only the students subject to it, but those that view it and even those that perpetrate it.

Below is a list of resources for educators and parents to help understand the psychological damage bullying can incur, what bullying means in today’s technologically active world and how best to prevent bullying and harassment from taking place.

Important Dates

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August 6
Fall 2021 Term

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August 23
Fall 2021 Term


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