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Requesting a recommendation letter can be intimidating. You’re asking someone to do you a significant favor, and want to simultaneously make sure that they are entirely aware of what your application is about and inconvenience them as little as possible. This thinking—though understandable—needs to...

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There are a variety of graduate degree programs offered to educators. Though they might seem interchangeable, there are more differences than you might think. Knowing the differences will help you find the right education you need to advance your career.

Read on for some general guidelines about t...

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Are you considering earning your graduate degree online? Learning in an online environment is different than learning in a traditional one. Prior to starting your first online course, it’s important to consider the differences and how you can get the most out your online experience. Here are some ti...

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The decision to go to graduate school is an exciting, rewarding and, sometimes, scary one. Graduate education can open doors to better professional opportunities – and an increased salary – and make you better at what you do. Though graduate school can seem overwhelming, with the right strategies, i...

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Writing a personal statement when applying to graduate school can be daunting. There are a lot of guides that dictate rules on structure, form and content that often do more harm than good. This post offers advice on how to write a personal statement rather than inflexible “rules” that may help you...

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