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Advance Education and Your Career

Jobs in Education

The United States needs well-trained teachers and education professionals more than ever. While elementary and secondary school enrollment is projected to increase between fall 2017 and fall 2027,1 the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) confirms an alarming shortage of well-qualified teachers.2

When you choose a career in education, you choose to positively impact the next generation of students. You choose to make a difference. And when you choose the University of Kansas School of Education and Human Sciences, you can rest assured your investment in education will pay off. Alumni across all of our online graduate education programs report a 26 percent average increase in salary three years after graduating.3

We invite you to explore your options for careers in education.

Career Paths Within K-12 School Districts

The following reflect career paths for those who want to directly interact with students on a daily basis, lead and guide teachers, and/or influence the policies designed to improve classroom outcomes.




Specific licensure, certification and/or endorsement requirements vary by state, and every student's situation is different.

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Careers in Education Outside the Traditional School Environment

An advanced degree in education doesn’t limit you to K-12 schools. The following roles reflect a few of the options available for those who want to pursue an alternative career in education in the public or private sector:




Consider Your Career Goals

What do you want to accomplish in your education career? If you enjoy working with students in the classroom, additional skills and credentials can render you a much more effective teacher or advocate in your current role.

If you want to advance your career and pursue a role as a principal, dean or other type of administrator, a master’s degree is often required.

Stay relevant. Increase your earning potential. Advance your career.

The Value of KU’s Graduate Programs in Education6




Benefits of Joining the Jayhawk Family

When you enroll in an online graduate program at the KU School of Education and Human Sciences you become an integral part of a forward-thinking community of educators—and a Jayhawk for life. After graduation you can continue to tap into the Jayhawk network and various career resources.

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